Reusable Tea Bags


Did you know… majority of single use tea bags contain plastic and can shed loads of micro plastics into your drink?! By choosing a reusable cotton tea bag you are now a sustainable sipper, plus loose leaf tea tastes 100 x better!

The Reusable Non-Woven Tea Bags are made from chemical free, 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton, with no nasties or plastics involved! (unlike most single use tea bags) Each bag has a drawstring, allowing you to adjust the strength of your tea. The material makes them suitable for fine loose tea blends too, with no floaties involved!

Direction of use:
Fill tea bag with herbs & draw the string tight. Steep the bag for as long as you would a normal tea-bag. When finished, turn inside out to empty contents into your compost/bin. Rinse out with warm water

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