Oh, Darjeeling!


6 eco-frienly non woven reussable tea bags with 4 pouches of 10- 15 grams of premium Black tea.

Black Assam

A full bodied tasting black tea that is hailed to be one of the best black tea in the world enriched with antioxidants. The Black Assam Tea that is grown in the north-eastern tropical parts of India is transformed by its humidity, providing a taste with good strength.

Australian Nerada

A superb CTC black tea, grown in the tropical highlands of north Queensland, in rich, volcanic soil; produces a Full-bodied, medium strength tea.


A light & delicate touch to the palate, it has a reputation as one of the finest tea blends and has even been known to be called the “Champagne of teas”. Among many of its peculiarities, it has a fruity, nutty, or muscatel taste. While it contains caffeine, it is considered an afternoon tea.

Earl Grey

The Classic! Earl Grey Tea is a popular uplifting blend, light and aromatic with distinctive citrus bergamot flavour.



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