Lunar New Year Basket


For Lunar New Year, Tease with Tea has crafted a special menu offering some popular New Year snacks – Salted Egg Cornflakes, Fried Crabsticks and Icing Crispy Roll. These snacks are 100% homemade with no preservatives.

This package includes a Woven Gift Basket with Red Ribbon along with:

1 x 100g Salted Egg Cornflakes

1 x 100g Icing Crispy Roll

2 x 40g Fried Crabsticks

1 x 10g Jasmine Loose Leaf Tea

1 x 30g Dunamis Green Tea

2 x Pineapple Bites

2 x Mandarin Oranges

1 x 6pcs Complimentary Red Packet

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