Health Box


6 eco-frienly non woven reussable tea bags with 4 pouches of 10- 15 grams of premium loose leaf tea curated for those who wants keep their body healthy!

Boost Me

Snuff the sniffles with Boost Me. A nourishing blend of ingredients to assist in strengthening and supporting the immune system.

•Stimulates the immune system and helps fight infection

•Promotes healing

•Fights upper respiratory tract infections

•Add honey and it’s like a honey and lemon drink

Liver Up

An effective and tasty aid for detoxifying the liver.

Goodnight Bear

A curated pick of natural ingredients for a calming sip before bedtime.

Mr. Bean

Combined with its strong character and deep scented flowers and herbs, it’s a tea cup that will leave a lasting impression. This combination of herbs is known to nourish the kidneys.



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