Four Seasons


6 eco-frienly non woven reussable tea bags with 4 pouches of 10- 15 grams of premium loose leaf tea to remind yourselves of the four seasons of the year.

Winter Warmer

Fruit and spice and all things nice. Warming and comforting on a winter evening.

Morning Dew (Spring)

Fruity, flowery and green tea. A delightful blend of all the beautiful things sprinkled into the day. A blend of fruity flavors, quality green loose tea leaves with a curated selection of flowers.

Moonlight Berry (Autumn)

The perfect infusion of nature’s little sweets – a careful selection of berries and wildflowers. Enjoy the delicious fruity taste of this blend either hot or cold. It’s sure to surprise your senses!

Teddy’s Summer

A fruity, creamy non-alcoholic equivalent of the cocktail classic. The perfect blend for the night in to yourself. No caffeine.



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