Brew-tea-ful Rooibos


6 eco-frienly non woven reussable tea bags with 4 pouches of 10- 15 grams of premium Rooibos tea.


Its flavor is sweet like honey with a fuller bodied taste. It has a delicate sweetness with a fruity flavor.


It’s a full-bodied tea with a hint of nuttiness that makes it delicious & refreshing. While the addition of vanilla pod powder gives it an unforgettable flavor.

Honey Rose

It has a delicate sweetness with a fruity flavor and the soothing blend of roses gives off a gentle tease to the palate when brewed slightly.


Rather than a traditional ‘tea’, rooibos is actually made from the leaves of a South African shrub known as ‘red bush’. The green variety is unfermented, and said to have higher levels of antioxidants than the red.



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