About Us

Our Story

Tease With Tea is a tea subscription business. We love tea so much that we sometimes forget the taste of water. Some have asked, “why tea?” The answer is simply because the stories we have shared with people from our closest friends to family members have always been over a cup of warm tea.
We may have very little but you could say that we have everything. But it doesn’t matter what we have or don’t have. We all have a story that is worth sharing. A message to love one another, to find courage in oneself and to inspire others by sharing a message of our own.
Here we are trying to create a platform on which we can do just that. It took courage to start this brand, and we know it will take perseverance to go the distance.
But our message – our vision –  will be the North star that we will hold onto. 
We hope that we can inspire you to love and find courage in yourself and to be the inspiration to others in your sphere of life. 
– TeaseWithTea –